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Uros Podlogar

Cooper Tire Europe is pleased to have embarked on a collaboration with Uros Podlogar, a photographer and video maker based in Slovenia.

Podlogar specialises in outdoor, adventure, sports and lifestyle photography, his work having featured in esteemed publications such as National Geographic and the Huffington Post.

For their first project together, Cooper Tire Europe equipped Podlogar's Toyota Hilux pick-up with Discoverer® STT PRO™ P.O.R. tires – its most extreme off-road biased 4x4 product – in size 265/70 R17.

So far in 2021, the majority of Podlogar's photo and video shoots with his Hilux have taken place in and around the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, but there are plans to go further afield in the future.

"My Hilux is now equipped with Cooper tires and they've proved to be the best choice so far; they're prepared for any terrain! Adventures keep my blood pumping and I'm super excited for all the journeys that await me and my tires!"

- Uros Podlogar -

For more information about Uros and his work, visit www.urospodlogar.com.