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Red 5 have been providing training and off road experiences for over 15 years and because of what they do their tyres are very important not only for grip but durability and reliability.

Red 5 initially bought a set of the old ST tyre for their Nissan pick up in 2004 and were so impressed with the tyre that they wrote to Cooper Tires to give their findings. Red 5 then bought some STT tyres for all their Defenders; since then they have never looked back! Using all variations of the tyres from Cooper and giving feedback to us too, Red 5 have only had two punctures over 12 years and vehicles being used on their site, motorway work, leading trips across Europe and up over the Pyrenees mountains and they even use them on the farm pickup which gets a hard time.

Red 5 cannot recommend a better tyre than the Cooper range, the STT Pro is a fantastic tyre for self cleaning in mud and gives great traction on all surfaces but is still quiet at motorway speeds. They run the ST Maxx on several vehicles which as a middle of the road tyre serves great purpose in all conditions as is the AT/3 Sport which for pickups and general road going 4x4 gives good traction off road but with fantastic ability on wet roads.

Red5 would not operate without Cooper Tires as they give us peace of mind. Two of their vehicles are on call for Hampshire and Berks 4x4 Response group so they need ultimate reliabilty when on call day or night.