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David Coulthard

Former formula one and DTM star, David Coulthard, continues his role at Cooper Tire Europe as an ambassador of its ultra-high performance (UHP) range.

In a multi-faceted ambassadorial role, Coulthard offers technical advice, insight and feedback to Cooper’s product development team, as well as representing the manufacturer at key events. Coulthard has already played a key role in Cooper’s tire development assuming a hands-on role for the testing and development of the newly-launched Cooper products.

The ex-racer, who drove for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull during his 15-year stint in Formula One, tested the ultra-high performance range-topper and SUV ultra-high performance tire during their development process, using his expert knowledge to provide feedback to the technical team on wet and dry handling, grip and cornering capabilities.

In addition to his development role, Coulthard, who will remain as ambassador to Cooper Tire Europe’s UHP tire range in this ongoing position and will also promote Cooper Tire’s extensive product offering, bringing Cooper to a wider audience.

“By pairing with Cooper Tires as an ambassador of its UHP range, there’s a sense I’ve returned to a company which was a big part of my pre-Formula 1 career. I cut my teeth in F3 and F3000 on Avon Tyres, which is a Cooper Tires brand.

“I’ll be supporting the brand’s performance tire development programmes but it wasn’t just its motorsport heritage and the performance focus of the UHP range which attracted me, its safety credentials and track record of producing high-quality products over several decades made all the difference for me.”