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Cooper Tire Europe is excited to partner with the FIA Autocross championship for another season as the exclusive tire supplier. The championship is a ten-round tour of the finest Autocross venues in eight countries across Europe. Cooper designs and manufactures tires that provide excellent grip in anything from mud, dust and gravel on circuits the championship will visit.

Cooper remains the long term partner of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, sponsoring the series since its inception in 2014, and the sister FIA European Rallycross Championship. Autocross can trace its roots back to the 1940s as club competition in the United Kingdom grew in popularity. In 1968, Autocross made its way to Europe for the first time, before the FIA created the European Autocross Cup in 1976. 

European Autocross has been a championship since 1981, with drivers competing in a variety of ‘buggies’ divided up based on engine performance and age of drivers. Circuits range from 800 to 1,400 metres in length and challenge drivers with steep elevation changes and uneven terrain.

Five classes follow the European Autocross calendar: SuperBuggy; Buggy1600; JuniorBuggy; Cross Car; and Cross Car Academy Trophy. At every round, all vehicles competing in the SuperBuggy and Buggy1600 categories will race on Cooper Tires.

James Weekley, General Manager, Motorsport, Cooper Tire Europe: “Cooper has engineered a tire that provides feeling and confidence despite the challenge of driving on soft and wet surfaces. The latest iteration of Cooper’s Autocross tire allows drivers to race consistently while going sideways and wheel-to-wheel. Our overarching aim is to bring sporting equity that helps the championship deliver fantastic and close racing.”

FIA European Autocross Championship calendar*:

4-5 June - Musa, Latvia
11-12 June - Vilkyčiai, Lithuania
24-26 June - Matschenberg, Germany
1-3 July - Nová Paka, Czech Republic
22-24 July - Saint-Georges-de-Montaigu, France
30-31 July - Toldijk, Netherlands
20-21 August - Přerov, Czech Republic
17-18 September - Saint-Igny de Vers, France
24-25 September - Maggiora, Italy
8-9 October - Mollerussa, Spain


*Please note that not all categories will be in action at every event.

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