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Specifically developed in Europe for European roads. Designed to deliver reliable traction in unpredictable weather all year round. 

The Cooper® Discoverer All Season is our first all season tire specifically developed in Europe for European roads. Designed to deliver exceptional traction in unpredictable weather all year round.

In changing weather conditions, the Discoverer All Season is equipped to provide confidence throughout the whole year.


The Cooper Discoverer All Season is built to last and to deliver superior results. Your trustworthy companion throughout the year.

Enhanced footprint

Maximises performance in the wet and reduces
tread wear for longer tire life.

3D Micro-Gauge™ sipes

The sipe walls to interlock keeping the tread blocks stable under load and also controls the amount of heat generation improving both handling and mileage.

Interlocking centre rib

Promotes crisp handling and maximises water
evacuation across the tread.

The Discoverer All Season

Built to last and delivering superior wear results 
Durable compounds and advanced construction delivering an even footprint produce over a 20%+ improvement in
tire wear, as demonstrated in recent tests against an established competitor.*

Excellent wet braking, attaining an EU grade B-label
Lateral 3D siping and grooves provide effective water evacuation. An interlocking centre rib helps avoid aquaplaning and assists steering response in wet
braking conditions. 

Tire grip over a wide temperature range
The latest all season silica and resin technology provide a compound that provides grip in diverse temperatures.

Quiet (71db) and comfortable ride
Optimised tread block sequence reduces pass by noise. The refined construction ensures a quiet and comfortable ride to suit all conditions.

The Discoverer All Season

*Results of independent tests conducted in the United Kingdom in 2018 by PT & A on Cooper® Discoverer All Season tyres and a comparable European tyre manufacturer on a VW Golf 1.6. The trademarks used in this document are the intellectual property of their respective owners.